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Microsoft Security Essentials (MS free antivirus software)

Just received e-letter from MS and it mentioned that MS has free AntiVirus software for Vista and Win7.

This software is called Microsoft Security Essentials.

I just installed. It looks good.




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Apple Magic Mouse VS Microsoft Laser Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse VS Microsoft Laser Mouse

Magic Mouse

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MS Courier vs Apple iPad

Just researched in Internet and found that MS will have a new device “Courier”.

After watching “Courier” demo video, I want to express my feeling.

My feeling is MS is forcing their staffs to develop a new “fancy” device. I cannot feel that they are going to address existing living necessary.

Just Fancy, not friendly.

They are missing from fundamental thinking again. It is very disappointed to what MS did again.

If you used iPhone and Mac OS, you may understand why I have such feeling.

MS Courier video:

Microsoft Courier

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