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Tenor A400 DTMF inband with Asterisk

Tenor A400 DTMF inband with Asterisk

When you are using A400 to access Voicemail provided by Asterisk, you may not be able to submit the “digit” or “key” to it.

If you are facing this case, you can consider to do the following configuration.

1. In Asterisk sip.conf,

2. In A400,
dsp digitrelay 1



Description: Digit Relay. Used to set how the Tenor sends DTMF tones during a VoIP call. Sending DTMF tones in-band (the same path as the voice) over IP is extremely unreliable. It is not uncommon for these tones to be misinterpreted as a different digit than what was entered. Therefore, the Tenor, by default, will regenerate the tones in that, when a Tenor senses that a user has pushed digits during a call, the Tenor will translate the tones to the literal digit, send that information over IP to the destination Tenor. The destination Tenor will convert the digit back to a tone and insert it on to the correct voice path. This provides a high degree of accuracy when sending DTMF tones. However, some devices, such as Microsoft’s NetMeeting, do not support this method and can only send the digits in-band. This command allows you to choose the DTMF method.

Cmd Type: Command.

Prompt Level: config dsp#

Syntax: digitrelay or digit {0 | 1}


0 H.245 regenerate dtmf tones and send out-of-band.

1 Allow DTMF tones to be sent in-band of the voice call.

Default: 0 – out-of-band DTMF.

Availability: All Tenor releases.


config dsp# digitrelay 1

Sets the Tenor to send and receive DTMF tones in-band on the voice call.

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