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Exchange Server 2007 SP1 RU8

Recently, Rollup for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 is version 8 now.

Following KB describes the fixes/updates for Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2007 SP1 RU8 Download URL:

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Exchange Server Disk Configuration (RAID 5 or RAID10)

In different Exchange Server projects, different people and parties told me that MS “Best Practice” for Exchange Server disk configuration is RAID10. If you are not using RAID10, you are not following MS Best Practice.

According to these statements, I would like to say something and share my feeling about these statements.

First of all, I do not agree that RAID10 for Exchange Server Disk Configuration is a Best Practice. It is a one of the Disk Configuration for Exchange Server.

When doing Exchange Server Disk Sizing, most people is calculating Disk Size only. Most of the people do not consider the required I/O for the System.

In Exchange Server 2003, its memory usage (DB caching) is not good enough comparing w/ Exchange Server 2007.

After doing I/O requirement calculation, most of the time, RAID 10 will be a best disk configuration for providing required IOPS.

In Exchange Server 2007, its DB caching handling is improved a lot. Disk I/O requirement is less than Exchange Server 2003.

After calculation, RAID5 disk configuration will also have chance to provide enough IOPS for the system.

So, if you are thinking RAID10 Disk configuration is a “Best Practice” for Exchange Server, please think carefully if it is really a “Best Practice” or not.

Calculation provides a real supporting for RAID5 or RAID10 disk configuration justification for your disk planning.

Please don’t close your eyes and suggest RAID10 to your customer blindly  and tell them it is a “Best Practice” suggested by Microsoft.

Following URL contains Exchange Server Sizing Tool. This is an excellent tool for Exchange Server Sizing. You can use this tool for your Exchange Server Disk Sizing planning reference.

Exchange Server Sizing Tool:

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