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Certutil.exe – Check Personal Certificate Store

Certutil.exe can be found in Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 Administration Pack.

Following command and parameters can let you to query certificates stored in Personal Certificate Store.

That is very useful if you want to verify if user certificate deployed to user computer or not.

certutil -store -user My


Other Certificate Store reference information:

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Windows 7 System Requirement

After reading Windows 7 System Requirement,I puzzle that why memory requirement for x86 and x64 is different.

Basically, my understanding is that x64 can locate more memory address space than x86 architecture.

I don’t know why memory requirement for x64 Windows 7 is higher than x86?? 1GB vs 2GB ?? 50% more ???

x64 needs more RAM???? I wonder if there is any MS product team guy can explain it more. It is interesting that why x64 needs more memory for running Windows 7.


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