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Reviews: Windows 7 Utlimate

Before installing Windows 7, a lot of friends commented that. It is faster that Windows Vista and it has a lot of improvement that Windows Vista.

When my first touch to Windows 7, my feeling is “It is a Vista”.

After navigating it, it is a Vista. Not much different !!

For my Vista box, I have done a large amount of performance tuning to it. It includes Network and system tuning.

So, I cannot feel a big improvement when I use Windows 7.

I do not have an exciting feeling to Windows 7 as when I used Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

In Windows 2000 and Windows XP, it showed a lot of improvement for me. E.g. Kerbose, Windows Firewall, Remote Desktop.

In Windows 7, it seems facing bottleneck.

Overall comments:
1. If I can have choice, I will stay with WinXP
2. Win7 is an improved Window Vista. I don’t think it is a new version.

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Windows 7 System Requirement

After reading Windows 7 System Requirement,I puzzle that why memory requirement for x86 and x64 is different.

Basically, my understanding is that x64 can locate more memory address space than x86 architecture.

I don’t know why memory requirement for x64 Windows 7 is higher than x86?? 1GB vs 2GB ?? 50% more ???

x64 needs more RAM???? I wonder if there is any MS product team guy can explain it more. It is interesting that why x64 needs more memory for running Windows 7.


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