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Certutil.exe – Check Personal Certificate Store

Certutil.exe can be found in Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 Administration Pack.

Following command and parameters can let you to query certificates stored in Personal Certificate Store.

That is very useful if you want to verify if user certificate deployed to user computer or not.

certutil -store -user My


Other Certificate Store reference information:

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Windows XP Retail CD to OEM CD

Previously, I cannot find my notebook recovery CD.

I tried to use a Windows XP Retail CD to reinstall my notebook with OEM CD-Key.

When I entered OEM CD Key, it prompted that “CD Key is invalid”.

O… What can I do?? How can I find a Windows XP CD which accept OEM CD Key.

After doing research, I found a method to make a Windows XP installation CD to accept OEM CD Key.

Please locate a file setupp.ini in \i386 folder.

Example file content


The key element for updating is the line containing “PID” information.

Last 3 characters indicate the CD license type.

Retail = 51882 335
Volume License = 51883 270
OEM = 82503 OEM

If you find the PID string is 5182335, let change it to 51882OEM.

Update it and burn the CD. Finish!

You can use this CD for installation with OEM key.

Windows XP Retail Key
(Windows XP Retail CD Key)

Windows XP OEM Key
(Windows XP OEM CD Key)

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